Liberty City Police Department (LCPD)

Est. June 17, 2011

The clan has transferred to GTA 5. 

Welcome to the Liberty City Police Department. 

Hello from Commissioner JRef9!

This Clan is a Realistic Police Clan Played on The Original GTA IV on the XBOX 360. You Must be 13 or older and live in the United States or Canada To Join this Clan.

**Registering on the site is NOT an Application.**

LCPD Message "Patrol, Protect, Serve"

     Hello and welcome to the Liberty City Police Department. This is a role-playing clan which operates on Grand Theft Auto IV on the XBOX 360 console. This clan was established to give members of the XBOX LIVE community a way of showing their interest's and passion towards law enforcement. The LCPD mainly focuses on law enforcement activities and procedures, however, the clan does provide multiple branches/divisions that clan members can join to experience different perspectives within a patrol, handling different procedures and operations that a normal Patrol Officer would not know how to conduct. Divisions such as S.W.A.T., Fire/EMS, T.A.U., and Civilians make up the the vast diversity of teams members are allowed to join. A patrol is when clan members of the LCPD will incorporate all their training and knowledge of the clan/law enforcement into a match where they will patrol Liberty City. The whole game of GTA IV is broken up into districts, sectors, and zones. These boundaries help organize and manage patrols and allows members to patrol different locations and scenes. Furthermore, this clan allows members to experience leadership and responsibility. Within the department, there are many positions that teach members on leadership. A member can join the Command Staff (CS) and assist in the management and organization of the clan. Members can experience and get taught responsibility through an FTO position, a position that takes recruits, Junior Patrol Officers, through our patrol operations. With the vast opportunities presented by this clan, members will get the fundamental principles of what it takes to be in a law enforcement agency/department in real life. Principles that can make people have a different understanding of what law enforcement actually is. If you are interested in joining the clan, submit a formal application to the applications division and it will be processed/reviewed for further examination. Thank you and I look forward to patrolling with you soon.

JRef9, Commissioner 

LCPD Command Staff:



KiLL3rinstiNck, Lieutenant

SnipeOut29, Lieutenant 

- Commissioner JRef9

Clan News / Updates 

Latest News:

(Will not be edited/posted everyday)

3/24/14 - JRef9 - I can finally say that this clan is know established on GTA V. We have been able to conclude on a set of preferences and regulations that allows us to patrol on GTA V. The official clan website is now Thank you for all the patience and dedication all the members expressed while our clan was transferring. 


1/19/14 - JRef9 - Check out our latest clan video:


1/6/14 - JRef9 - I am here to inform all the officers and members affiliated with this clan and the XBOX LIVE community that one of our most elite LCPD officers is retiring . This clan member has been with the LCPD since September of 2011 and has raisin through the ranks up to Sergeant. Throughout his experience with the LCPD, he was led many patrols and has assisted in training sessions. Sgtsogood10 has always been the dedicated and loyal clan member as he once was. Sgtsogood10 part took in multiple divisions, such as Honor Guard, S.W.A.T., Fire/EMS, and Crooks. Sgtsogood10 will be missed and I wish the best of luck to to him. Thank you for your service to the clan.


Wednesday, January 1, 2014 - MASTER EV - Happy New Year everyone. I hope that everyone had a nice and safe New Years Eve. On the contrary, there are some things I would like to address. First, if you sign up to be a member on this website, you DO NOT become a clan member. You must send an application via this website or on the forums. Second, we have transferred most of our LCPD guidelines and information to the forums. This website will be used to explain to visitors who we are and what we do (this website gives a summary of the clan). And third, WE ARE STILL ON GTA IV (4). We have not transferred to GTA V (5) yet.


Tuesday, December 24, 2013 - MASTER EV - Hello everyone. JRef9 and I have changed the way we post information about the clan. We will now be posting everything on our new forums. This is where you can send an application. 

New Forums:


Thursday, December 5, 2013 - MASTER EV - Hello everyone.  For those who are thinking of joining this LCPD police clan, JRef9 has opened the application process and interview division. You may now send an application. Also, for your information, this clan is still a clan on GTA 4. We are not a clan on GTA 5 as of this moment. The command staff is still trying to come up with an acceptable method of role-playing on GTA 5. Thank you


10/25/13 - MASTER EV - As a remainder, we are still a police clan on GTA 4. We have not transitioned into GTA 5 due to some complications. The Promotions Team will have a meeting to discuss solutions for these complications. We will let everyone know what those solutions after we have discussed it.  We tend to have the meeting in a couple of weeks. Also, JRef9 has stated that we are not accepting any applications as of this moment. We will let everyone know when we will reopen the application page. Thank you for your patience.


9/26/13 - JRef9 - The Command Staff and I are currently working on the transformation of the clan to GTA V. We will NOT be reviewing applications sent in now. Currently, we will still have patrols on GTA IV until the transformation is complete. Training will go as scheduled. If you are interested in joining our clan over GTA V, please visit Thank you.


8/15/13 - JRef9 - Just as a reminder, ALL LCPD MEMBERS should go on the new forums for GTA V ( and register. This is so if there is an issue, we can deal with it now instead of when GTA V comes out. If you have a question or suggestions about the forums, please feel free to contact me.


8/10/13 - JRef9 - As Head of the Promotions Team, I would like to announce many promotions that will take effect starting today. The members that will be promoted have gone through evaluations and tests to furthermore gain knowledge on the LCPD and to dedicate their time to the clan. Thank you to all those who applied for the Sergeant position. Congratulations to all. 

- Sergeant: ShortBuzDriver

- Corporal: iSpartan77

- Senior Patrol Officer: XxTSR AMBUSHxX, Sentracate

- Patrol Officer: a B1G newb xxx


8/3/13 - JRef9 - The Promotions Team is opening two Sergeant positions to take over a squadron. If you are interested and have all of the requirements, please post a message on the LCPD Shout Box. 

Requirements for Sergeant:

1) Will conduct a thorough test.

2) Must not have received D.A. above a written warning within the past 2 months. 

3) Must be active and mature within clan related events.

4) Must be a Junior Patrol Officer or higher.


6/1/13 - JRef9 - Check out our latest and newest video:


- JRef9 - Watch our Clan Recruitment Video:


Shout Box 

The LCPD has made this Shout Box for members only.